Alaska Food Ltd., began operations in its current format in June 1997, having existed in the Food Business in Israel for the past 30 years, since the 1970’s. The CEO of the company is a Third Generation expert in the food business.

The company’s extensive good relationship with its clients throughout the country, combined with its professional sales team, reaches 4200 outlets out of the total 5400 outlets existing in Israel, with extensive distribution and logistics network servicing Supermarket Chains, Retailers, Delicatessens, Wholesalers, the Institutional Market and Food Catering business.

Alaska Food Ltd. imports, distributes and markets foodstuffs. The majority of Alaska’s imported goods are promoted under the company’s own brand name ALASKA and include, for example: Canned fish, fruits and vegetables, a wide range of Sauces, Rice and edible oils, Pasta and Noodles, beverages, coffee, dry fruits etc. In addition to Alaska brand products, the company also imports international brand names, such as Tilda, DOLE, La Espanola, Porthos and Covinor.

Alaska Food Ltd. operates extensively each year to introduce new, innovative food products & brands into the Israeli market and is proud of its successful launches of quality foods from all over the world, which are suitable for the Israeli market.